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Product Launch




Motion Graphic Designer: Oliver Chater

Client: Artlogic


This launch video, created from scratch, was designed to show case the flexibility of the Artlogic Database system. Telling the narrative of a gallery capturing and uploading new works from a fictional artist, before sending a templatised email to selected clients.

Sales Pipeline:

For the launch of the Artlogic Sales Pipeline, I built and animated a recreation of the user interface. This video tells the narrative of a sale, from offer email to acceptance, and the corresponding analytical insights.

Viewing Rooms:

For the launch of private gallery viewing rooms, I built an abstract motion graphic representation of a webpage to showcase the ease of use and design flexibility on offer. Ending with Artlogic's innovative 'View on a Wall' website feature, cementing the artwork back in the world of the gallery.

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© 2022 Oliver Chater LTD

© 2022 Oliver Chater LTD