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Oliver Chater Ltd

If You Know You Know

Innis & Gunn



Director: Mark Mawson

Editor: Oliver Chater

Colour Grade: Oliver Chater

Sound Design: Oliver Chater

Motion Graphics: Oliver Chater

Production Company: Agent At Large

Agency: Studio Something


It was an honor to provide complete post-production services for the 'Innis & Gunn - The Original' commercial, shot by the renowned product photographer and director, Mark Mawson. With the aim of allowing the lager to speak for itself, I focused on enhancing its unique details through creative graphics and sound design.

Through playful yet tasteful stacking and layering of footage, we were able to create a final product that is, like the larger itself, smooth, refreshing, and decidedly different from the usual. Check out the commercial at https://www.innisandgunn.com/ifyouknowyouknow to see how we brought the brand's essence to life.

© 2022 Oliver Chater LTD

© 2022 Oliver Chater LTD

© 2022 Oliver Chater LTD