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Art Direction: Oliver Chater

Editing: Oliver Chater

Motion Graphics: Oliver Chater

Production Company: AEG Presents

1975 - Still At Their Very Best 2023:

This commercial for the 1975’s 2023 "Still at their very best" tour touches on the nostalgia, modernity, and euphoria of the tour.

Hangout Festival 2023:

Bursting with beach vibes, this Hulu TV Commercial for Hangout Festival 2023 announced the headline acts.

Joji 2023 Global Tour:

This spot was created for Joji's Global Tour 2023.

Forest Hills Stadium 2022:

After a tremendous 2022 season, this recap video for Forest Hills Stadium celebrated both the artistic talent and the community.

Day N Vegas 2021:

This Hulu TV commercial, announcing the headliners for hip-hop festival Day N Vegas, was a fun challenge to create something out of press stills, that felt true to hip-hop whilst hinting at the joys of Las Vegas.

BlackPink World Stadium Tour 2023:

For BlackPink's first world stadium tour, I was tasked with creating a teaser trailer to get their fans on social media excited.

© 2022 Oliver Chater LTD

© 2022 Oliver Chater LTD

© 2022 Oliver Chater LTD