Oliver Chater Ltd

Oliver Chater Ltd

Inner Sanctum

Pet Shop Boys



Director: David Barnard

Motion Graphic Designer: Oliver Chater

Production Company: Chainsaw Films


Opening Titles:

The title sequence begins with an abstract, minimalist motion graphic motif that draws inspiration from Es Devlin's art direction. This motif is further enhanced by the use of elegantly animated typography, working in harmony with the Royal Albert Hall's stunning location, creating a breathtaking visual experience for the audience.


The graphics featured in this trailer were carefully crafted to complement the video art design created by Luke Halls Studio for the show, creating an exciting teaser and setlist announcement to hype up the audience for the physical recording release available here.

© 2022 Oliver Chater LTD

© 2022 Oliver Chater LTD

© 2022 Oliver Chater LTD